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indefinite hiatus

2014-03-22 23:41:29 by darkmelee

saw this name on sonic retro, where someone said i was working on an online sonic game (!) and after development fell through, i began dumping audio onto newgrounds, which is kind of a lot of false info.  work never started, and it was never planned to be any sort of online anything, just ideas and music that i wanted to finish.  unfortunately, a lot of what i've made pretty much sucks (be it sound quality or weak/trite composition, though there were still many successful pieces of music from that project i will continue to appreciate), so that project died a slow death, especially with technology beating me down when it could to prevent success.  actually did finsh the castlevania hack though, just needs the rewards finalized, since i can't get the music in.

here's a single screen from the very beginning of the game, not very dramatic or anything, but proof of existence.  small things have from this scene have been edited since i posted this originally.


EDIT: i've since gone back and almsot completely cleaned up/remixed many of the assets of the hack for a cleaner aesthetic.  even simon gets an upgrade.  i have very little left to do but restore a few elements that were deleted and need to be replaced, but i'm actually nearing legitimate finality with this thing.

i guess i should apologize, since things got so inconveneient for music that i've pretty much stopped.  even the remasters and such, i just haven't had the drive lately at all.  i've sort of chalked all this up as another dropped attempt.  as it stands, i can only recommend like half of what i've made, with the rest being appended with "adjust volumes/balance as necessary."  what's worse is that i have at least 90 other tracks that aren't on the site of varying quality that i just can't touch up to the same degree as i used to be able, and that sucks some of the life out of this as well.

apologies to the KS forums too.  i dropped the ball on that, also.

the mmc mega man stuff was pretty cool though.

maybe someday i'll figure out some way to make music again, since i still come up with ideas all the time.  until that time, i'll be working on pixel art and assets for various ROM hacks.

well wadja know

2012-05-27 18:19:21 by darkmelee

i'm apparently still not dead.

go me.

replaced the MD version of cool chamber again; this time it's final

have a much more accurate/better version of MD steel temple, but i'll need to mix it into the track i have, unless i can't edit it after so many listens and such. if i have to, i could easily make a new submission.

EDIT: since i have like 120 tracks that aren't on here, i was thinking that i could cherry-pick a bunch of older tracks that i really liked, despite instrument quality or otherwise, that i can upload on here; some of which may have already been on NG at some point. the thing is, in my newer tracks, i was always worried about not crashing my laptop, whole my much older music was far more creative, even if my abilities weren't quite there yet, and also, many tracks weren't leveled the same way as the new ones, so they may sound a little echoey or otherwise. still, there's a lot of stuff i like that someone could use for one thing or another if they came across it.

well wadja know

the new layout is confusing as hell

2012-02-11 18:34:20 by darkmelee

...and now i need to find my old profile pic and icon (my old profile pic ended up being too small wtf)


i salvaged a buttload of stuff form my laptop, something like 13k images/gifs and a bunch of audio files that were either almost finished or just sitting there. i tried to export the revamped mixes of certain tracks i'd meant to replace in my submissions, but the CPU wouldn't have it. i then tried to edit/delete certain tracks in my submissions by force, but NG wouldn't have it, so crap.

now i have these subpar mixes cluttering my mediocre music.

i'm going to release a rar of my castlevania hack/music sometime soon. it's still not completely finished, but i'd like to get some feedback going. might drop it off at /v/ in a few days and if it survise, might post the link in this message. i'd been sitting on it for so long, it was kind of annoying how quickly i got it to this point when i really worked at it. the art and everything is at least a few steps above most hacks. i had a kaizo-style hack for it in the work,s but it's even further on backburner status than my other projects.

EDIT: actually posted some NES synth tracks that i've had for a while, managed to export them yesterday.

EDIT: managing an interesting amount of projects, reworking them into much better pieces, even with technical issues making it difficult. might have some progress to show sometiem soon.

managed also to redo a lot of the MD synth tracks i have up, should be able to update the tracks on the site sometime soon.

still not dead

2011-12-22 03:47:33 by darkmelee

but still not making music at the moment. i still haven't been able to put music in the old CV hack either, but that might neer be done. the real thing holding me back at the moment is, well, i got a new PC finally. the downside? no sound card, though my GPU allows audio and video through HDMI. that would be perfect for me, except that the GPU doesn't have MIDI I/O, soooo no music making. i bought a cheap sound card with midi in/out for the sake of making music again, but it comes with the caveat that i won't be able to have another GPU in my PC in the long run and that's making me second guess it. i may end up just building a PC specifically for music and keeping my current for gaming/processing, albeit a bit more amped up after the nexw cards i'll be getting soon.

if my laptop weren't so bogged with lag and lockouts half the time, i'd be making music every day right now. admittedly, if i had been able to make exactly what i imagined every time, each and every night would have produced something worthwhile. it's enough that i can't fix the huge list of crap i have on the site that's needed releveling for MONTHS now, but the tracks i had in waiting aren't getting any farther ta this point either.

as another notch in the disappointment belt; now that i have a standard sound level/mix/bass setup, i could actually level everything well and evenly as opposed to making a track with one set of headphones, then making another with a different set, and so on a few times. my LBP2 music that i made when the game first came out is loads better than some of the tracks on here right now because it was made for the medium, as opposed to trying to adapt the music for universal sound systems without actually using one myself. still gonna try to find a way to capture hat music, hopefully, i have at least a stereo receive port on this thing.

again, i'm not dead, though i am terribly disappointed by the extreme variable of sound quality on all of my tracks. some sound much better than i thought they would, while others have a flat bass or mostly treble sound to them. i hope to fix all that down the road, even if only a few hundred people at most will ever listen to it. i actually hate the fact that the tracks here are supposed to represent me in some way when they sometimes sound mediocre at best, not always in terms of musical composition, but aural clarity. i will need to work on that.

also, why is it that simple vgmusic midi transplants into frooty loops tend to garner thousands of views apiece on youtube when others and myself can't get more than a few hundred usually for remixes that aren't explicit copies?

still not dead

almost done with CV hack

2011-07-04 22:47:37 by darkmelee

i'm in the final stages of my castlevania hack for NES. it's way better than any of the others i've done. i'm basically at thepoint where i play the whole thing and test everything to make sure nothing crazy happens (crazy things DID happen earlier on, like stages moving into other stages without loading the next tileset). after i'm done there, then i'll just have a few things i'd like to fix before it's done, namely some tiles i accidentally used that are needed elswhere in the first stage. after that, i'll need to make sure the whole package turns out alright and find a way to make a patch out of it, since i can't share the ROM online.

i'd like to have the custom music and sprites in it, but at this moment, i can't. if the whole thing is playable and fine, then i can come back later and do that without having to rework anything else. if my notebook an handle it, i'd like to record a playthrough and just play my music in place of the actual soundtrack for videos. i'll think about that.

most definitely need a new PC for this stuff. the last couple of tracks have been put together in pieces, meaning i couldn't hear the whole thing at the same time due to CPU and RAM usage O.O

EDIT 8-9-11: had a newer pic from the game up, but took it back down. the font was messed up in that state and i'd rather have an up-to-date pic with the new fonts and the new tiles for drac's chamber if possible. need to replay the whole thing again and take lotsa pictures.


2011-04-16 23:03:37 by darkmelee

been trying to find a good recording option so i can upload the tracks i made in the sequencer on LBP2, but i'm not having much success. it's mainly my laptop's lack of stereo line-in recording ability. i'd need a better sound card, not the built-in one from 6 years ago.

i'm still trying various things, but it probably won't be viable until i get new hardware. it's a shame, too, because i really like a lot of the tracks i've done in the game.

also, as an aside: for the past few years, i've had major issues with coming up with more complex music than i can actually write out. it wasn't as bad as it is now, and barring a few unfinished pieces that i jump on every now and again, i need to buckle down and get myself to write exactly what i imagine and stop dumbing it down to be easier to make. i also need a premium orchestra sampler/synth BIG TIME. until these things are taken care of, don't expect anything any time soon.

EDIT: okay, so i've actually uploaded two tracks so far after saying not to expect anything. i might continue the trend and uplaod more tracks that have been collecting dust, some for years, but some of them need work or little adjustments. some just don't have names is all.

the tracklist so far

2010-12-05 02:39:32 by darkmelee

the sonic project is fun, but it obviously isn't going to be made into an actual game. still, making it all out is a blast when i hit all the right points. here's a listing of every track i've got for it so far. some are on here, and even those would go through some cleaning if i ever had a REAL shot at putting this sucker together. i know that my style isn't exactly what someone would expect to associate with the sonic series, but i assure you, it fits well with my intended gameplay style. not counting anything but finished or almost finished, in alphabeticalz:

recent additions have a *

arid way
atomic abyss
bass hive (WIP)
blight city
blue cargo
burn compound
capital grate
chrome furnace
city rush
cool chamber
cosmic calamity
crystal path
decadent wharf
drop zone
earth-breaker #1 & #2
egg robo chase #2
forever mine
green hill
inner rivet
machina coast
mile-high manor
overclock cage
pillar garden
red cavern
scrap brain (not quite there yet)
seismic rift
shimmering swamp
slide station
steel temple
tempered wall
the final zone
the runabout (for certain auto-run shenanigans)
treble citadel
twilight festival
wind tunnel
unnamed stage music*

egg anvil/bosser/invincible/roller
endzone - finality
endzone - addendum
right of resist
egg arsenal (might change the name if i move it around to a different scene)*

events and misc.-
eggman (short version, includes my own theme amongst more traditional motifs)
event (aptly named, needs a little work)
moment of thought
select mode
separate ways to go (the entire selection/options/menu track, very long)

for now, that's all that's suited here. i have an unnamed finished track right now, but i'm not sure where it would fit best, even if though i wrote it specifically for the project (A.D.D.). still a crapload that hasn't been trancribed from midi for certain stages/scenes. some tracks i already have that aren't part of the project may migrate over if i feel like it, also. anyways, yea. fun.

also, as an aside, i'm stopping at this for an indefinite amount of time. if i'm lucky, i'll be able to write more stories than music for a while.

EDIT 3-12-11: so far, no stories (but i did reword and clean up several ideas), but i did finally catch up and beat the mass effect games and LBP 1 & 2 and a bunch of other crap. still haven't got around to finishing a level track and panic puppet remix, oh wellz.

coming attractions

2010-12-02 01:09:06 by darkmelee

mostly finished another sonic track. it's actually... pretty awesome, but i still needs a little bit more before it gets posted. should be sweet when it's done.

itching to make a crazy PUDDI remix, but i need proper voice samples from the ad without backdrop music/sounds. went over it all in my head all night at work.

EDIT: sonic track's up. PUDDI can wait.


2010-11-19 22:36:36 by darkmelee

i make a lot of mistakes when i upload music, mostly with volumes, and it's been driving me nuts lately. like, seriously, i hate all of my music at the moment just because all the levels are differend. i've had like 6 sets of heaphones/earbuds over the past two years, and varying levels of balance amongst them and there's still no middle ground. every track i listen to on normal or fancy speakers sounds misaimed at best, or bassy at worst. if i ever get the chance to use any of this stuff, expect an overhaul.

seriously, though, even my newer tracks need work again. i really need to wait until i'm certain i'm done with a track before posting it. then again, only two or three people will even see this news post to begin with, so i guess it really doesn't matter much.

moving forward

2010-11-09 05:27:45 by darkmelee

apparently, i'm still feeling the need to not take a break from the sonic project when i feel i need to take a break from the sonic project. i've been reworking one of my very first tracks (which used to be entirely MIDI) into something quite epic, but unlike a few others that began as MIDI, this one's retained quite a bit of its original flavor even after getting suped up. problem is, it's one of the bigger tracks and falls at almost the absolute end... it's essentially the second (and most drawn-out) of a three-part final boss sequence from the project. essentially, it's the end of the third chapter (making it the finale of all three game concepts). now, while i usually have some beefs with music, like where i feel i'd need to polish everything up a few notches if i ever got the chance to really make them, this one's got a certain style where i don't have the same hangups.

i seem to always start at the big parts of a story when i start making music for ideas. the same thing happened with Mad Empress too, though that is effectively on hiatus since the music'll never be done anyways (i haven't finished fleshing out the smaller plot points in text yet, only the major events and some incidentals). i don't see the sonic pieces ever being truly complete, but it's on the road to being quite formidable at this point, even though i'm not in any sort of rush to make things for it. the sonic project isn't on the same level as that, though, and has a lot of give with what i could use and even already existing music i can rearrange, though music that isn't already associated with SEGA could technically be used for anything i'd want it to be used for. thing is, i'd like to keep them associated with sonic, but that's like keeping a useless secret that no one will ever know anyways, but protecting it at the chance that it might be useful someday (spoiler: it won't).

like i said: i'd like to post it, but it gives away another track, leaving even fewer surprises, should i ever get the chance to do something with it (spoiler: i won't). remember, if you like what you hear and want to use something, go ahead. i keep making this stuff, it'd be niced to know someone got some enjoyment out of them. i wish i had more time to spread myself around on newgrounds and get some attention other than when i first upload (and then again, you can take a wild guess at what happens to all my music when i first upload anything).

noticed there are a lot of different volumes amongst my music i've uploaded, usually older tracks being more subtle than the newer. i always knew, but it's real obvious listening to ~MD cold chamber~ then to ~vertigo~

...oh well :O

EDIT: went ahead and uploaded ~endzone~, even after all this chatter debating it. aside from typing in blocks, i also managed to get the better MD synth into the steel temple track.