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2010-10-09 02:01:42 by darkmelee

post relevels of -
egg invincible
egg anvil
unfounded strike

post updates of -
steel temple (better MD synth)
MD cool chamber (again, better synth) DONE

finish and post castlevania ROM hack soundtrack medley/medlies

ignoring -
egg bosser (no longer a big deal with me)
final zone (that note can stick it)
the siege continues (the guitar's a little harsh)

EDIT: still need to get less lazy and make more good music and less easy music. i get frustrated and simplify things way too much, when the best tracks i have actually had time and thought put into them. many of the others are just fun or functional, i think.

if she refuses, make her. you're stronger than her. you know it. she knows it.


you're making me lazy... you wouldn't like me when i'm lazy...

2010-09-29 01:33:26 by darkmelee

seriously not making any music at the moment, i know. need a vacation (which is next week, i believe).

something i've failed to mention

2010-09-02 03:40:51 by darkmelee

if anyone needs any 8-bit megaman-style music, it should be noted that i have an almost complete soundtrack ready. it's not built in samples, so it'd probably work best as wav or mp3. it's a cop out, i know, but it's also non-fussy. i'll be posting (for real this time) some selections, probably as medlies, of all of what i made for it, maybe excluding a track or two. when those are up, is you're an artist and would like a certain cut of one of the sampled pieces, let me know. i'm all for these things being used, even if not for my original concept.

EDIT: all the tracks i have for it are up, now. i've got more NES tracks i've made, but so far, no more for this set. it's been a lot of fun, though.

how i stand so far on my "little projects"...

2010-05-01 01:40:35 by darkmelee

sonic project, 54 tracks, of which:

35 are stage themes, some stages having multiple tracks, 9 are boss tracks, 5 are megadrive synth arrangements of stage themes done so far, and then some miscellaneous tracks. doing pretty good for something that'll never be made. of the tracks on newgrounds already, i think i have several technically superior versions of things now, but it's too much of a pain to go through everything and replace them, so no such luck.

megaman 8-bit concept set: 28, all that's missing is a credits theme, title screen, stage select theme and the jingles. other than that the whole project is totally done. the game may not ever exist, but it was fun to imagine and score it, especially the stage themes.

castlevania ROM hack: the ROM had been more or less done for a long time now, but i have no way to put the music i wrote for it (all done but the castle intro, player miss, and credits) into the ROM without some very intense dedication, which i'm not capable of. i might release the ROM at some point just for fun, but i was hoping to have my custom music in it to make it stand out more.

UPDATE frickkin august: the Mad Empress story isn't going to be finished. like, ever. unless i can muster the heart to write the rest of the story (so far in, but still so far to go... and that's only the first of two stories involving the characters), i'm not into the idea of creating more pieces for it right now, especially since at least two of the tracks i have on here are meant for more than one use/incident.

i'm trying to finish a track that is standalone, something i haven't done in a while (usually picking a pet project and evolving from there), but it'll be slow since i haven't felt very... uhhh... artistic lately (hence the lack of newer mixes and/or new pieces in general) and i've never actually been obligated to do this stuff, especially for things that will never be made other than for my own interest.


2010-04-21 03:49:16 by darkmelee

not the band, the expression.

to prove i am not ded, i just posted two more sonic tracks. i never stopped making them per se, i just stopped posting them. let's face it, the site's packed with music, and it's flooded with the good and the bad, as well as the whole of the populace to comment/vote (usually just vote), and it's not a friendly environment in entirety.

anywas, not ded.

destroyed another pair of headphones a while back.

2010-03-10 13:38:12 by darkmelee

still no new set. no new tracks til i can properly check them before i post.

EDIT: removed the rant. most all of it was honest, but there's a major give and take to FFXIII. 45 hours in, it's a much better experience, even if it is a strict travel route.

functionality is returned

2010-01-04 09:12:39 by darkmelee

except for a lack of wireless internet, but that'll be an inconvenience i can deal with. i'm messing around with another castlevania NES hack, looking heavily into custom music for it, but that'll probably prove to be impossible without a code monkey. it's looking to be the smarter of the few i've done so far (my amateur first one's wandering the internet already, i think) and i thought it would be awesome with a custom soundtrack. i've even been playing around and making more NES-style tracks, this time in a similar sound to the classic castlevania game (i made like 28 megaman-inspired tracks before as a concept project). it would be great if i could inject these though. it would also be a better way to showcase my 8-bit talents as thus. this site might not be a great medium, but it works. it just doesn't work well enough for me to flood around 30 8-bit tracks that only 12 people will hear in the first year they're up.

EDIT: i'm not going to 4chan again for awhile. too many 'surprises"

still afk

2009-12-07 01:21:42 by darkmelee

been taking a very long music-free break. i've also held off on poetry and game hacks (well, until like the other day). i'll put one of the last i did before i started the recess, maybe later tonight.

one thing i was playing around with was layering new music directly on top of some of the Sonic CD U.S. soundtrack. i've only done some of the tracks, no nilson tracks though. so far, i've done the boss and collision chaos present and bad future. considering the questionable copyright issues that may pop up at some point, i can't post them here. sorry.

WOO! laptop's out of commission for an undisclosed amount of time. i'm completely out of business for awhile. might be a few days, might be a few months or more.

dealing with loss

2009-09-09 03:47:47 by darkmelee

several days prior, my father passed away. it's difficult to iterate exactly how much was against him (you wouldn't believe the circumstances), but it's also a complex issue to explain concerning such a sudden and intense change to "how things are".

i'm not working on anything at the moment, be it story-wise, music-wise, poetry-wise, or really anything else. now we're in the process of managing the vulture effect that may or may not ensue in some form amongst the family.