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2009-08-26 06:07:17 by darkmelee

you heard me.

continued: phone is dead and myspace hates me. out of the communications loop once more.


well now

2009-08-15 10:32:47 by darkmelee

couldn't decide whether to put ~egg bosser~ on here after my big speech about remixes on this site, but whatever. it's here.

with that, i take a break to get back to finishing some stories outright. i have several i need to finish plotting and elaborating. the story that 'one of many resolves' among a few other newer tracks needs to be finished and i'm currently only halfway done. i also need to start on another series while i have the nerve.

but first, i must appease my completely off-kilter sleep schedule.

good day.


2009-08-02 05:00:37 by darkmelee

several more sonic tracks from the game project have been done in the past few days with more on the way, though fewer and fewer will be posted here unless i think it okay to do. why? post a track and watch. i'm more concerned with feedback than score, but nothing i put on goes 5 votes without 3 being 0's and usually the others are a 1 and a 3. getting more downloads than votes is a bummer too, as nothing has been so much as tossed in my direction, especially if the score's at like 1.00 on first vote at the 2nd listen (the artist ALWAYS gets first listen after upload), but it was downloaded as well. that's just mean.

i've just posted a stage track that has one of the megadrive soundset songs i use for pre-boss tracks (think 3rd zones in Sonic CD), but since 'chiptunes' are either destroyed or adored, i don't think i'll ever share another on here.

it's still a goal to make every single track i can. i've been debating how to actually make this thing too. i thought it out, and honestly, since i don't have a working physics engine or anything like that, i might make out the stages and use some kind of animation tool to compile sprites and things together and make all three chapters out as flash, but as if someone were playing the games. keeping tabs of score would be fun, but i'll need to make a calculator of sorts to make that legit. that's a LOT of work though, especially since i still lack a scanner for drawing out some/most of the animations and stage tiles...

but it IS being heavily considered. no promises, but i'm thinking about it. when i get around to taking all these concepts and gimmicks and moving them forward, it's something i'll need to really look into.

a short word about 'mastering' -

if you're that kind of person, you may notice that my earlier tracks sound 'flat' and bassy on certain sound setups and my newer pieces are much cleaner on most any (not to mention, my average volume has leveled out as compared to before). that's because i'm smarter now and i have a pair of headphones that have become my new standard. the problem is now getting all of at least my sonic tracks to match up in terms of clarity and volume. when (there is no 'if') i do that, i doubt i will post them here, since there's a fairly good chance your setup works evenly enough. if not, my apologies. if it's a popular track (i mean that quite loosely), i might upload it, but considering the lack of traffic, i might not bother with it. maybe my myspace though...

there are many a track that i won't be posting on here. like i said, the numbers are gonna dwindle more than likely unless i see it as a positive to keep it up. some tracks i definitely WON'T be posting are mostly the rearrangements i'll make (or have already made, mind you) of older tunes, like my scrap brain mix, but i might post some of those 'little touches' songs, like with "egg invincible". there are enough remixes on this site as-is, most of which are simple midis put through fruity loops and passed of as 'remixes'. no. that's just crazy ass pre-programmed instruments adding flair to a track that was made by someone else, note for note. i appreciate effort and thought. if i can appreciate the music, even if it's not my type of music, then it's GOOD MUSIC. if it's a repaint with flashy lights and oscillator/filter madness, then there better be some attitude to it.

i don't claim to be a 'professional' remixer. i made a stink about how i lost the GOOD version of "green hill", but the version that survived that i can at least still mess with is good enough for me and at least has a quality to it that makes it unique. now, with that as a guide, i won't be tossing anymore sprinkles into the ocean of remixes anytime soon. "scrap brain" and "final zone" can sit where they are and chill. the original works are what i want to share and it's a damned shame that "green hill" gets so much love when the other stuff stagnates. i also won't be sharing endgame stuff. "vertigo" is already on here, though it needs a slight mixing fix, i won't be retooling it anytime soon until i'm dead serious. most all of them do, but i resign that til the aforementioned seriousness.

i also don't claim to be a fanboy, so if you're gonna throw a fit about a music project, take it outside.

we's a gonna have some updates

2009-06-29 04:35:43 by darkmelee

okay, got around to fixing "grimoire of elder" with a thicker organ sound... maybe too thick depending on your sound, but whatever.

also managed to get another song from my current project up. there's another from that set i'm still tweaking, and one that i've tried to put on here FOUR TIMES but had to pull or couldn't get it to upload for various reasons.

stay frosty, folks.

ALSO, i would like to send a simple request that you might show my almost totally abandoned DeviantArt page some love. it's never received much attention in its entirety of existence, but i'd hope you might find something worth your time. y/

i haven't neglected my sonic project either, i'm just doing bits and pieces at a time. when i get the nerve, i have more rearrangements i plan on doing.

you know, like you care.

i am not dead

2009-05-12 22:45:01 by darkmelee

just very preoccupied. i should have new stuf up eventually, and fixes and stuf.


taking another break

2009-03-14 23:55:27 by darkmelee

this time, it will be extended.

EDIT: kicking myself for not buying a scanner with tax returns. i actually have something i want to do, but i can't until i get one. crud.

bridging the gap

2009-03-06 22:11:09 by darkmelee

new song added. i still need RAM, though. the work files open in quite the epic and drawn-out manner and i've seen a few memory warnings mid project.

on the plus side, freaking awesome. the newest track doesn't highlight it, but as soon as i get my bearing on what's available, i'm going to try to outdo myself. for now, i'm creating event and scene BGMs for different ideas. i have too many little projects at once, but since most of them will never meet fruition, it's cool, because at least i have something to shoot for.

the megaman 8-bit concept project is almost done. had some tracks on here once, but the response was not one of patience and mostly of confusion ("I don't remember this. What the hell is this supposed to be again?"). oh well. the sonic project will more than likely just be an inspiration to keep pumping out music. the megaman project was easy as hell and allowed me absolute freedom without worrying about instruments too much. this project right here is similar to what i'd been trying long ago when i first started, which was scenario tracks and battle themes. soon, i hope, i can get back on track with writing out the music to my legion of lyrical songs. as i go, i learn, which is obvious when you compare this stuff nowadays to my old midis, which had a totally different feel entirely. all i can hope for is that when i feel like doing something and taking the time that i'll have the drive to actually do it.

oh well.

EDIT: i just finished watching Simoun... incredible.


2009-02-28 23:50:47 by darkmelee

details later.

EDIT: details. awesome. i need RAM. i need much more RAM.

...and then i added another

2009-02-14 07:35:22 by darkmelee

remix, that is. "panic puppet reprise" is now in the audio listings. give it a try and give me a word.

i'm on official hiatus for real now. i'll be back later. feel free to leave reviews in my wake.

the varying volumes of my tracks has been on my mind lately. when i come back, i'll at least replace the sonic project pieces with adjusted levels and hopefully get the effort in to replace the tracks that still need updated.

see you all later.

SFIV EDIT: Street Fighter IV. i have it. it can kick your buttocks out of the blue on the Easiest setting in a matter of seconds. Easiest is not exactly inviting, nor does it allow for any mistakes whatsoever. heaven help the poor soul who actually tries to land an Ultra Combo and succeed. it goes through spurts where you totally can and times when the CPU can block even the most sudden of moves and destroy you in your two open frames. most enemies on Easiest still hit you the millisecond the match begins. i'm not exaggerating. the controller is lying to the system at all opportunities (360). some combos are near-impossible, if not totally impossible (i'm talking Challenge Mode here, which is supposed to be training) and you are given absolutely no information for the symbols used in the Move List, nor are you guided in any way through the characters' nuances and timing (which is sometimes completely unforgiving to the point of absolute uselessness). and there are, frankly, things you will never see on your own merits which, and i will later down the road, will prompt you to just buy the unlockables, which is increasingly more appealing. the game is fun when it works for you, but there's no help along the way and even the pros are hacing a hard time working out the moderate requirements and challenges. it looks great, but it falls along the lines of SoulCalibur IV (very easy one second and impossible the next)in that all i want to do is play the game, not build up to the point where i can, even then, only attempt the game sometimes. i almost had myself break my SoulCalibur III disc a year ago or so because it constantly infuriated me. the few extras in SFIV are okay, i guess, but they require high-end skill to even approach. i want the colors and costumes and characters and such, but i'll never be able to get anywhere near most of it on my own merits. it's nice you can buy them, but paying more money on a $60 game because i can barely win during much of the $60 game (even then, only half the time) is just plain extortion. when it works, it works fantastically, but i feel it could've been more approachable and forgiving. many of the stars (difficulties in the main game) seem meaningless since the enemies tend to dive on your every opening as-is. Seth (again, even on Easiest) can destroy you without much retaliation. that's not fun, nor is it fulfilling. even when you manage to beat the thing, you don't feel good. you just feel like you did something you'd have to do sooner or later to unlock things. i felt no pride in my perfects on him because there were handfuls of thorough beatdowns delivered to my rear via his cheapness long before it.

the game is fun to play, but seriously, i just want to have fun. leave the .03 of a second (again, i'm not exaggerating) combo windows to the guys who do that sort of thing for cash.

removed "piece of mind"

2009-02-05 04:10:38 by darkmelee

it's not that i'm not pleased with it entirely, more that i know i can make it even better later down the road, so we'll see how this pans out.