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2009-01-29 02:31:35 by darkmelee

iz on it.


see ya on the flip-side. i'm watchin' anime.

time warp

2009-01-25 05:45:24 by darkmelee

i was on my DA account a little while ago. i'd completely forgotten about the songs i had there (lyrics, mind you).

why don't you take some time and peruse the selection, *INSERT_NAME_HERE*. i'd love the company. and when you're finished, perhaps some time around my pieces here, maybe?

that which i've done in text.

piece of mind

2009-01-19 23:14:50 by darkmelee

i just uploaded what could essentially be considered an experiment.

hopefully, i'll get feedback and insight. if 'tremulous' is any indication, however, i can belay all hope in that.


2009-01-12 03:20:42 by darkmelee

there exists a music sample set that i can use to actually make the real styles i want to make.

ministry of rock.

income tax returns, definitely. just check out some of the samples. that's the sound quality i want, but can't do with my current software sets. that, plus the stuff i have already, and i'll be able to actually just bleed out whatever i actually want to do without sacrificing or turning away an idea.

that 'otherworld' track actually sounds like a song idea i had a while back, but didn't have the tools to make it sound, well, good. i look forward to this, and will more than likely blow mah money for it. seriously, music like in "a lost love" are what i wish i could do with my current guitar synths, but frankly, they're not versatile enough. here's hoping i get my wish.


2008-12-16 07:23:10 by darkmelee

i removed the megaman concept medleys just now.

i forget sometimes that this is not the place for such things.

lolololol (and some sonic blathering)

2008-12-06 18:18:51 by darkmelee


i'll update when i get around to it.

EDIT: i have mixed feelings about sonic unleashed (i got the wii version, and am actually upset that they made two versions of the game, making a choice difficult). i've been playing it a bit and frankly, i don't like the physics/control. there's little to no exploratory sense and even turning around is a chore (and, honestly, absolutely pointless since most day stages are just straight shots). i miss the loose adventure/heroes control and i was one of the people who could make sonic do whatever i wanted in secret rings. even when you're blasting forward, there's no skill involved, and few platforming elements. i really would have preferred auto-run after playing some stages because holding forward and watching things happen just isn't as much fun as makingthem happen. i didn't like sonic rivals, and this feels like an enhanced rendition of that style, active time events and all.

one more initial beef is the soundtrack. while it's catchy at times, it's more along the lines of sonic rush adventure in that there's simple rhythms and nice beats, but it's just got so little power and push behind it. i was really hoping for more of what was in '06 or secret rings, some blatant rock with synth breakbeat/hip hop sort of things, but really, what i'm hearing is a few listenable tunes (the boss themes are much nicer than most other tracks) with a whole lot of... okays. i'm glad they're using the eggman music from '06, because that's a nice theme and i hope they continue to use and expand upon it. i've read reviews for this game from various sources, some praise the music, others shrug it off. seems that those who shrug it off also shrug the game in entirety, which is outright bias. ign said "praise the almighty gods" that they aren't using the "cheesy 80's rock that's been poisoning the series since the adventure games". wow. this is also the same ign team who completely discredits the prior team who reviewed the original dreamcast titles and continue to bash any occurrence of sonic that they have to control manually...

even the less serious plot was praised by some and abhorred by others as childish. opinions are opinions. chill the f*ck out.

it's obvious that sonic team keeps trying to please all the "right" people while still attempting to do something "else" at the same time. just like journey of dreams, they tried to do something they thought people would want: more story, more cinemas in general, presentation, amazing music, nice stage playthroughs... and then there were the kid segments and the realization that was very little else to each stage after you'd played through it, aside from the cool bosses. the same is here with the night stages. while not as terrible as many claim them to be, they are still very uninteresting and tedious. the bosses as the werehog are okay (again with great boss music), but suffer from predictability and the zelda "create the time to strike" method. while that works in zelda, anymore, there's too much reliance on pattern.

in sonic adventure 2, S ranks were anywhere from tricky to impossible to earn. in sonic heros, you had to fly like a butterfly and sting like a goddamn hornet swarm to get them. in secret rings, you were judged strictly on time, making some gold medals incredibly difficult without planning, but most were definitely feasible. in unleashed, day stages are relatively easy to get a decent rank and all it takes is some running and sliding and simple choices like up or down to determine whether you get one of three moon medals or none (to unlock more night stages) and at night, you're judged by three factors to determine the same for sun medals (respectively, to unlock more day stages). not that difficult, but it's nice to have a chance at getting them all nonetheless.

okay, i'm done.

in other news, have you ever tried 5 gum? it's freakin' awesome.

EDIT: having actually played the 360 version to completion, i gotta say the experience is completely and thoroughly more positive, even if it suffers from some bloated night stages and a few bafflingly tedious moments here and there.  even the music seems to actually benefit every area and sequence far better, and i think i can roll back much of my musical criticism as well, having actually paid some attention to how it all blends together.  a dubious game, but it hits the ball pretty far when it works.


2008-08-24 02:23:34 by darkmelee

...still no love for da music?

give em a listen, pleaxorz.

...been awhile since i perused ign. just went there to recap on some of their reviews for older sonic games when it occurred to me that, frankly, a handful of reviewers are kinda... dicks. hell, they gave "the secret rings" a 6.9. that's terrible, not to mention how harsh they were to the music among other things (yeah, because songs like this and this are total crap, right?

i've sat through their reviews before, and i've openly bought several games that i've read up on that were (especially after actually PLAYING them) given a bum rap, which most fall into the 'sonic game' category ( afew are justified, and don't forget it it, but only a few). i can tell you exactly what's wrong or unpleasant in a given game, but i can also tell you what was done right. i can also tell you what comes down to having the human ability and skill to play something right and well (capability is important and unfortunately nonuniversal. many people lack that sometimes and are unwilling to learn. in a similar but not totally related matter, i've openly questioned the higher-scored games and have purchased a few i was disappointed in, not entirely, but at least a little let down. i can try to get people to be a little more fair, but that term in itself is a matter of opinion. i can be fair. maybe my fair is a little more moderate than their fair. you want an honest opinion, ask me. i won't B.S.

EDIT: read the review. i was not surprised, nor was i very impressed by the immense bias and baffling inability....

and so it begins

2008-06-07 22:38:38 by darkmelee

i may return and retreat many of the songs i've done as i see fit or have the time, since i have better instrument sets nowadays.

best of mah best? maybe. maybe not. reviews and votes are HIGHLY appreciated. seriously. i got, like, nothin'.

sonic -

~cosmic calamity~
~seismic rift~
~burn compound~
~wind tunnel~

orchestra -

narcizzt esoterisch
affinity for affluence
the siege continues
rancid wake
unfounded strike

other stuff -

dancing amongst them
the unforgivable (i think people like this too much, but, meh)
right of resist
the abominable (both parts, actually)
pleasance withheld + (mostly awesome)
whatever it takes
ambient in nature

aside from that, you might find something you like most outta the mountain of good/okay/bleh songs i have. i'm incredibly low on reviews, so if you have the time to listen to a whole song, if you would, let me know about it!