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moving forward

2010-11-09 05:27:45 by darkmelee

apparently, i'm still feeling the need to not take a break from the sonic project when i feel i need to take a break from the sonic project. i've been reworking one of my very first tracks (which used to be entirely MIDI) into something quite epic, but unlike a few others that began as MIDI, this one's retained quite a bit of its original flavor even after getting suped up. problem is, it's one of the bigger tracks and falls at almost the absolute end... it's essentially the second (and most drawn-out) of a three-part final boss sequence from the project. essentially, it's the end of the third chapter (making it the finale of all three game concepts). now, while i usually have some beefs with music, like where i feel i'd need to polish everything up a few notches if i ever got the chance to really make them, this one's got a certain style where i don't have the same hangups.

i seem to always start at the big parts of a story when i start making music for ideas. the same thing happened with Mad Empress too, though that is effectively on hiatus since the music'll never be done anyways (i haven't finished fleshing out the smaller plot points in text yet, only the major events and some incidentals). i don't see the sonic pieces ever being truly complete, but it's on the road to being quite formidable at this point, even though i'm not in any sort of rush to make things for it. the sonic project isn't on the same level as that, though, and has a lot of give with what i could use and even already existing music i can rearrange, though music that isn't already associated with SEGA could technically be used for anything i'd want it to be used for. thing is, i'd like to keep them associated with sonic, but that's like keeping a useless secret that no one will ever know anyways, but protecting it at the chance that it might be useful someday (spoiler: it won't).

like i said: i'd like to post it, but it gives away another track, leaving even fewer surprises, should i ever get the chance to do something with it (spoiler: i won't). remember, if you like what you hear and want to use something, go ahead. i keep making this stuff, it'd be niced to know someone got some enjoyment out of them. i wish i had more time to spread myself around on newgrounds and get some attention other than when i first upload (and then again, you can take a wild guess at what happens to all my music when i first upload anything).

noticed there are a lot of different volumes amongst my music i've uploaded, usually older tracks being more subtle than the newer. i always knew, but it's real obvious listening to ~MD cold chamber~ then to ~vertigo~

...oh well :O

EDIT: went ahead and uploaded ~endzone~, even after all this chatter debating it. aside from typing in blocks, i also managed to get the better MD synth into the steel temple track.


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