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2010-11-19 22:36:36 by darkmelee

i make a lot of mistakes when i upload music, mostly with volumes, and it's been driving me nuts lately. like, seriously, i hate all of my music at the moment just because all the levels are differend. i've had like 6 sets of heaphones/earbuds over the past two years, and varying levels of balance amongst them and there's still no middle ground. every track i listen to on normal or fancy speakers sounds misaimed at best, or bassy at worst. if i ever get the chance to use any of this stuff, expect an overhaul.

seriously, though, even my newer tracks need work again. i really need to wait until i'm certain i'm done with a track before posting it. then again, only two or three people will even see this news post to begin with, so i guess it really doesn't matter much.


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