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the tracklist so far

2010-12-05 02:39:32 by darkmelee

the sonic project is fun, but it obviously isn't going to be made into an actual game. still, making it all out is a blast when i hit all the right points. here's a listing of every track i've got for it so far. some are on here, and even those would go through some cleaning if i ever had a REAL shot at putting this sucker together. i know that my style isn't exactly what someone would expect to associate with the sonic series, but i assure you, it fits well with my intended gameplay style. not counting anything but finished or almost finished, in alphabeticalz:

recent additions have a *

arid way
atomic abyss
bass hive (WIP)
blight city
blue cargo
burn compound
capital grate
chrome furnace
city rush
cool chamber
cosmic calamity
crystal path
decadent wharf
drop zone
earth-breaker #1 & #2
egg robo chase #2
forever mine
green hill
inner rivet
machina coast
mile-high manor
overclock cage
pillar garden
red cavern
scrap brain (not quite there yet)
seismic rift
shimmering swamp
slide station
steel temple
tempered wall
the final zone
the runabout (for certain auto-run shenanigans)
treble citadel
twilight festival
wind tunnel
unnamed stage music*

egg anvil/bosser/invincible/roller
endzone - finality
endzone - addendum
right of resist
egg arsenal (might change the name if i move it around to a different scene)*

events and misc.-
eggman (short version, includes my own theme amongst more traditional motifs)
event (aptly named, needs a little work)
moment of thought
select mode
separate ways to go (the entire selection/options/menu track, very long)

for now, that's all that's suited here. i have an unnamed finished track right now, but i'm not sure where it would fit best, even if though i wrote it specifically for the project (A.D.D.). still a crapload that hasn't been trancribed from midi for certain stages/scenes. some tracks i already have that aren't part of the project may migrate over if i feel like it, also. anyways, yea. fun.

also, as an aside, i'm stopping at this for an indefinite amount of time. if i'm lucky, i'll be able to write more stories than music for a while.

EDIT 3-12-11: so far, no stories (but i did reword and clean up several ideas), but i did finally catch up and beat the mass effect games and LBP 1 & 2 and a bunch of other crap. still haven't got around to finishing a level track and panic puppet remix, oh wellz.


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