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2011-04-16 23:03:37 by darkmelee

been trying to find a good recording option so i can upload the tracks i made in the sequencer on LBP2, but i'm not having much success. it's mainly my laptop's lack of stereo line-in recording ability. i'd need a better sound card, not the built-in one from 6 years ago.

i'm still trying various things, but it probably won't be viable until i get new hardware. it's a shame, too, because i really like a lot of the tracks i've done in the game.

also, as an aside: for the past few years, i've had major issues with coming up with more complex music than i can actually write out. it wasn't as bad as it is now, and barring a few unfinished pieces that i jump on every now and again, i need to buckle down and get myself to write exactly what i imagine and stop dumbing it down to be easier to make. i also need a premium orchestra sampler/synth BIG TIME. until these things are taken care of, don't expect anything any time soon.

EDIT: okay, so i've actually uploaded two tracks so far after saying not to expect anything. i might continue the trend and uplaod more tracks that have been collecting dust, some for years, but some of them need work or little adjustments. some just don't have names is all.


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