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almost done with CV hack

2011-07-04 22:47:37 by darkmelee

i'm in the final stages of my castlevania hack for NES. it's way better than any of the others i've done. i'm basically at thepoint where i play the whole thing and test everything to make sure nothing crazy happens (crazy things DID happen earlier on, like stages moving into other stages without loading the next tileset). after i'm done there, then i'll just have a few things i'd like to fix before it's done, namely some tiles i accidentally used that are needed elswhere in the first stage. after that, i'll need to make sure the whole package turns out alright and find a way to make a patch out of it, since i can't share the ROM online.

i'd like to have the custom music and sprites in it, but at this moment, i can't. if the whole thing is playable and fine, then i can come back later and do that without having to rework anything else. if my notebook an handle it, i'd like to record a playthrough and just play my music in place of the actual soundtrack for videos. i'll think about that.

most definitely need a new PC for this stuff. the last couple of tracks have been put together in pieces, meaning i couldn't hear the whole thing at the same time due to CPU and RAM usage O.O

EDIT 8-9-11: had a newer pic from the game up, but took it back down. the font was messed up in that state and i'd rather have an up-to-date pic with the new fonts and the new tiles for drac's chamber if possible. need to replay the whole thing again and take lotsa pictures.


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