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still not dead

2011-12-22 03:47:33 by darkmelee

but still not making music at the moment. i still haven't been able to put music in the old CV hack either, but that might neer be done. the real thing holding me back at the moment is, well, i got a new PC finally. the downside? no sound card, though my GPU allows audio and video through HDMI. that would be perfect for me, except that the GPU doesn't have MIDI I/O, soooo no music making. i bought a cheap sound card with midi in/out for the sake of making music again, but it comes with the caveat that i won't be able to have another GPU in my PC in the long run and that's making me second guess it. i may end up just building a PC specifically for music and keeping my current for gaming/processing, albeit a bit more amped up after the nexw cards i'll be getting soon.

if my laptop weren't so bogged with lag and lockouts half the time, i'd be making music every day right now. admittedly, if i had been able to make exactly what i imagined every time, each and every night would have produced something worthwhile. it's enough that i can't fix the huge list of crap i have on the site that's needed releveling for MONTHS now, but the tracks i had in waiting aren't getting any farther ta this point either.

as another notch in the disappointment belt; now that i have a standard sound level/mix/bass setup, i could actually level everything well and evenly as opposed to making a track with one set of headphones, then making another with a different set, and so on a few times. my LBP2 music that i made when the game first came out is loads better than some of the tracks on here right now because it was made for the medium, as opposed to trying to adapt the music for universal sound systems without actually using one myself. still gonna try to find a way to capture hat music, hopefully, i have at least a stereo receive port on this thing.

again, i'm not dead, though i am terribly disappointed by the extreme variable of sound quality on all of my tracks. some sound much better than i thought they would, while others have a flat bass or mostly treble sound to them. i hope to fix all that down the road, even if only a few hundred people at most will ever listen to it. i actually hate the fact that the tracks here are supposed to represent me in some way when they sometimes sound mediocre at best, not always in terms of musical composition, but aural clarity. i will need to work on that.

also, why is it that simple vgmusic midi transplants into frooty loops tend to garner thousands of views apiece on youtube when others and myself can't get more than a few hundred usually for remixes that aren't explicit copies?

still not dead


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