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the new layout is confusing as hell

2012-02-11 18:34:20 by darkmelee

...and now i need to find my old profile pic and icon (my old profile pic ended up being too small wtf)


i salvaged a buttload of stuff form my laptop, something like 13k images/gifs and a bunch of audio files that were either almost finished or just sitting there. i tried to export the revamped mixes of certain tracks i'd meant to replace in my submissions, but the CPU wouldn't have it. i then tried to edit/delete certain tracks in my submissions by force, but NG wouldn't have it, so crap.

now i have these subpar mixes cluttering my mediocre music.

i'm going to release a rar of my castlevania hack/music sometime soon. it's still not completely finished, but i'd like to get some feedback going. might drop it off at /v/ in a few days and if it survise, might post the link in this message. i'd been sitting on it for so long, it was kind of annoying how quickly i got it to this point when i really worked at it. the art and everything is at least a few steps above most hacks. i had a kaizo-style hack for it in the work,s but it's even further on backburner status than my other projects.

EDIT: actually posted some NES synth tracks that i've had for a while, managed to export them yesterday.

EDIT: managing an interesting amount of projects, reworking them into much better pieces, even with technical issues making it difficult. might have some progress to show sometiem soon.

managed also to redo a lot of the MD synth tracks i have up, should be able to update the tracks on the site sometime soon.


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