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well wadja know

2012-05-27 18:19:21 by darkmelee

i'm apparently still not dead.

go me.

replaced the MD version of cool chamber again; this time it's final

have a much more accurate/better version of MD steel temple, but i'll need to mix it into the track i have, unless i can't edit it after so many listens and such. if i have to, i could easily make a new submission.

EDIT: since i have like 120 tracks that aren't on here, i was thinking that i could cherry-pick a bunch of older tracks that i really liked, despite instrument quality or otherwise, that i can upload on here; some of which may have already been on NG at some point. the thing is, in my newer tracks, i was always worried about not crashing my laptop, whole my much older music was far more creative, even if my abilities weren't quite there yet, and also, many tracks weren't leveled the same way as the new ones, so they may sound a little echoey or otherwise. still, there's a lot of stuff i like that someone could use for one thing or another if they came across it.

well wadja know


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