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indefinite hiatus

2014-03-22 23:41:29 by darkmelee

saw this name on sonic retro, where someone said i was working on an online sonic game (!) and after development fell through, i began dumping audio onto newgrounds, which is kind of a lot of false info.  work never started, and it was never planned to be any sort of online anything, just ideas and music that i wanted to finish.  unfortunately, a lot of what i've made pretty much sucks (be it sound quality or weak/trite composition, though there were still many successful pieces of music from that project i will continue to appreciate), so that project died a slow death, especially with technology beating me down when it could to prevent success.  actually did finsh the castlevania hack though, just needs the rewards finalized, since i can't get the music in.

here's a single screen from the very beginning of the game, not very dramatic or anything, but proof of existence.  small things have from this scene have been edited since i posted this originally.


EDIT: i've since gone back and almsot completely cleaned up/remixed many of the assets of the hack for a cleaner aesthetic.  even simon gets an upgrade.  i have very little left to do but restore a few elements that were deleted and need to be replaced, but i'm actually nearing legitimate finality with this thing.

i guess i should apologize, since things got so inconveneient for music that i've pretty much stopped.  even the remasters and such, i just haven't had the drive lately at all.  i've sort of chalked all this up as another dropped attempt.  as it stands, i can only recommend like half of what i've made, with the rest being appended with "adjust volumes/balance as necessary."  what's worse is that i have at least 90 other tracks that aren't on the site of varying quality that i just can't touch up to the same degree as i used to be able, and that sucks some of the life out of this as well.

apologies to the KS forums too.  i dropped the ball on that, also.

the mmc mega man stuff was pretty cool though.

maybe someday i'll figure out some way to make music again, since i still come up with ideas all the time.  until that time, i'll be working on pixel art and assets for various ROM hacks.


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2014-04-27 23:02:07

That's unfortunate. I really liked a lot of your stuff, and had come here hoping there'd be more since I last checked.

Best of luck to you in whatever pursuits you turn to next.